We are a group of technologists and educators that are looking to help students get better grades through incentive programs; this way students can focus less on working a minimum wage job during their academic career and more time on getting good grades! Creating a solid academic foundation has proven to open opportunities for students in high school, college and beyond.

There’s no doubt that a solid academic foundation is the key to opportunities in high school, college, and beyond. We’re a group of technologists and educators who believe that incentivizing students to earn good grades can help them take personal responsibility for their performance. Instead of toiling away at a minimum-wage job, a student using Gradology dedicates that time and effort into his or her schoolwork—while earning rewards offered by the community.

Get the Grade and Get Paid!

Gradology is a social network that allows students to share their academic events with the community and get rewarded based on achievement.

Our mission is to impact students and schools through sponsorships. If you're a school, please and we'd be happy to discuss partnerships. join today to get in on the action.

A school using Gradology on average sees a % spike in student performance. Our mission is to impact students of all ages to succeed academically.


Interested in talking with us? Feel free to send us a message: support@gradology.com