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Teachers using Gradology see a significant jump in student performance. And it only takes a click of a button!

Better Grades = Better Schools ✔

Gradology Helps Students Purchase School Supplies! Getting ready for school is a big investment! Students need basic supplies like pencils, paper, and notebooks—not to mention clothes, textbooks, and electronics. Gradology sponsorships can offset these costs, while helping students take pride and ownership by investing in their own education. Gradology Helps Schools Equip Their Classrooms! Each school year, parents are faced with the task of purchasing items from the school-issued classroom supply list—and teachers hear complaints about the cost. As school budgets tighten, procuring everyday classroom essentials like dry erase markers, tissues, and cleaning supplies often becomes the teacher’s responsibility. Gradology rewards partner schools with gift cards that can be used to offset these costs.


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